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In the various year we have met hundreds if people and performed with tens of musical group or artists, click on the picture to visit their web pages or to have more information about them:

omiddjalilislrg.jpg (8634 bytes) Omid Djalili    1st_photo.jpg (17100 bytes) Sandy Hoover         bijan2a.jpg (7104 bytes) Bijan Khadem-Missagh

363-460.jpg (27979 bytes) Tom Price      VoicesofBaha.jpg (255422 bytes) Voices of Baha'kandw_lg.jpg (25884 bytes)    Kevin and Danielle Locke

jacklenz2.jpg (3184 bytes) Jack Lenz       photo005.jpg (21439 bytes) Wildfire Dance Theatre          PP-Young-Girl-Back-Small.jpg (221698 bytes) Paul Parrish

danindexpx3.jpg (138343 bytes) Dan Seals      argum.jpg (8060 bytes) Kamal Mazlumi titlephoto.jpg (63477 bytes) Seals and Crofts

cover_main.jpg (19438 bytes) Red Grammer       Edscover3.jpg (39601 bytes)Ed Vandendool, to contact Ed click here,and to listen to his music click here

photo.jpg (13998 bytes) Ahdieh      aggreathitvo.jpg (44824 bytes) Houshmand Aghili                Douglas John Cameron

1844logo.jpg (44291 bytes) 1844       362-460.jpg (23829 bytes) Van Gilmer                untitled.jpg (26138 bytes) Peter Mazal, to write him click here

conrad.jpg (15665 bytes) Conrad Lambert fotocoro.jpg (32338 bytes) Il coro di Mantova bolhuis5.jpg (38482 bytes) Hugo Van Bolhuis from European Dawn Breakers

We would be glad to include your picture/link to your web page. Please contact us...

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