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In its 9 years of existence, Light in the Darkness has been singing mostly in Italian and English, but has varied also from languages like Croatian, Slovenian, Arabic, French, German, Persian, Spanish, Neapolitan etc.

The repertoire consisted of songs written by members of the group and famous pop songs or Bah'i songs rearranged by the group. Some songs were acoustical that were played in the happenings in the streets and squares using guitar, violin and percussions. 

Light in the Darkness has produced two Albums, please click on the cover for downloading the songs or their background versions.


"Just as a flame"              "It's Just one"  

                                           (1991)                       (1995)

Follow this link to view the information about the songs that have been written or arranged by members of the group: Songs written/arranged by Light in the Darkness

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