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The musical group has always tried to use the mass media in each city that visited to reach a wider group of people and share our beliefs.

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TV    Radio    Newspapers/magazines    Baha'i publications     Pamphlets and others

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TV: In the years of its existence, various TV and radio have broadcasted images, interviews or entire concerts of the group.

Szeged, Hungary, interview and entire concert

National TV of Slovenia: interview

Krakow, Poland, interview

Zagreb, Croatia, two different channels

Tirana, Albania, National Albanian TV, the entire concert

RAI3, Italian National TV, images





Paola, Italy

Bekescsaba (Hungary)

Zagreb, Croatia, Radio 101 and other three radios, interviews + songs



Ljubljana, 4 radios

Campobasso, Italy

Rai2, Italian national radio





catania2.JPG (43941 bytes)  velletri5.JPG (65608 bytes)  sardegna.JPG (71446 bytes)  monza2.JPG (349787 bytes)

La Sicilia La Torre        L'unione sarda        Il Corriere di Monza e Brianza


monza.JPG (78918 bytes)  Rieti.JPG (325024 bytes) livorno.JPG (41748 bytes)

Monza   Mondo sabino Il giorno

Mantova.JPG (193513 bytes) 

Gazzetta di Mantova



Il gazzettino, Italy

Il cittadino, Italy

Il tempo, Italy

Paese sera, Italy

Il tirreno

Spazio giovani

La torre


Around the world

zagreb.JPG (130905 bytes)      timisoara.JPG (14204 bytes)  szeged2.JPG (323332 bytes)

Vecernji List, Jugoslavia      Uj szo,Romania    Del Magyarorszag, Hungary

edirne.JPG (333219 bytes) porec.JPG (571144 bytes) parnu.JPG (111622 bytes)

Trayka diogus, Turkey   La voce del popolo, Croatia  Parnu Postemees, Estonia

zerbst.JPG (554016 bytes) zerbst2.JPG (121613 bytes)  pazin.JPG (798691 bytes) 

Anhaltinishe Zerbester Nachricht, Germany     General Anzeiger, Germany   Glas Istre, Croatia


Where to? in Lubiana, Slovenia

Vjesnik, Croatia

Timisoara, Romania

Uj Dunantuli naplo, Hungary

Kauno Diena, Lithuania



Baha'i publications:

newyork.JPG (65574 bytes)  porticiprima.JPG (243213 bytes)  liepaja2.JPG (144819 bytes)

2nd World Congress invitation One country The American baha'i

berlin.JPG (78477 bytes)

Payam'i Baha'i


The Baha'i world 1987-1992, pages 201-203, 444, 449-450 and 351

world4.JPG (790640 bytes) world5.JPG (183583 bytes)  world7.JPG (247416 bytes)

 world3.JPG (39168 bytes)  

world2.JPG (750610 bytes) world.JPG (120023 bytes) world8.JPG (239903 bytes)

The Baha'i world 1994-1995, page

bahaiwoeld2.JPG (126131 bytes)

The Baha'i world 1995-1996, page 

bahaiw2.JPG (162856 bytes)







Letter for request of performing at the Second Bah│'━ World Congress in New York

newyork.JPG (65574 bytes)


Bah│'━ Association for Arts: www.bahai-library.com/bafa/light.htm


Pamphlets and others:


zagreb2.JPG (51435 bytes) logo.JPG (94086 bytes) slovacchia.JPG (236246 bytes) zagreb.JPG (51021 bytes)

Croatia        English           Czech    Slovenian

 sticker.JPG (52116 bytes) bulgaria.JPG (58045 bytes) albania.JPG (79254 bytes)

    Sticker            Bulgarian    Albanian

habitat3.JPG (100266 bytes)

Certificate of Appreciation from the United Nations conference, Habitat II, Istanbul, Turkey


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