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Many friends and institution have had an important role in advising, funding, assisting and encouraging Light in the Darkness. Here we would briefly like to mentioned them

The Universal House of Justice The group had the honour to receive various letters of congratulations from the Universal House of Justice and assurance of prayers at the Holy Shrines in occasion of the 1993, 1994, 1995 summer tours.


The National Spiritual Assembly of the Bahá'is of Italy The National Assembly of Italy, since the starting of our groups has always assisted with prayers and financially the group. We have had periodical meeting with the National Spiritual Assembly to consult on future developments of the group. 


The Continental Board of Counselors of Europe Through all these years they believed in the group and suggested the group the countries to visit in the summer or winter tours. Many of the summer tours and some winter tours were partially financially sponsored  by the board


The National or Regional Spiritual Assembly of the Bahá'is of Albania, Baltic States, Bulgaria, France, Austria, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Germany, Russia, Romania, Turkey, Hungary, Brazil, Slovenia & Croatia, Russia and Ukraine assisted the group in the activities in their respective countries.


The European Bahá'i Youth Council for the collaboration with the group in the activities in Slovenia and Croatia summer 1990 and the Shape Europe campaign in 1994 


Saverio Rovito Assisted the group in it's formative time, and his valuable suggestion helped the group to increase its awareness of its potentialities.


Kiumars & Farrokhlegha Mazlum and Sohrab & Linda Youssefian The great majority of the groups rehearsals were held in their homes, and the long time of recording the two albums of the group were in their homes. They helped the group and hosted the group with the utmost love and hospitality.


Rahim Mazlum Whose encouragement and financial help in the recording of the second album were worthless.


Emil Fikl, Alban Tuna, Michael Holmlund and Antonio di Milta who were all fundamental in the recording of the two album contributing with their talents


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